At Technopolis you find numerous interactive exhibits. While experimenting you will experience that science and technology are everywhere!

The access to all indoor exhibitions is included in your day ticket.
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Science and Stones LEGO 48

Science & Stones

Ultramodern eco-houses, skylines with only green roofs, cities that cool down in summer… They already exist in miniature.… that is how all BIG changes start. Brick by brick or in this case LEGO® brick by LEGO brick.

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Main exhibition

Our main exhibition is a mix of original and interactive exhibits that show the role science and technology play in our daily lives. Have a look at our most popular experiments.

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Zeekracht 87

Sea Force

Will we soon be growing our food in an underwater farm? Or will we be plugging sea-going vessels into a mega-electricity socket? And will we be storing energy in gigantic bathtubs? In our brand-new Sea Force exhibition, we immerse ourselves in the sea and the harbour of tomorrow without feeling a single drop of water. 

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Science Garden

Head outside and fill your lungs with some refreshing science in our Science Garden! Set a 5‑ton rock in motion with your little finger, walk on a living bridge (if you dare) and follow the tracks of the most dangerous animal in the world.

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What do you want to be when you grow up? This is where you will find the perfect job for you! Discover all your talents, find out what you’re good at and figure out what profession you like best, all while having a great time.

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Children's Science Centre

The Children’s Science Centre opens a world made for children: your little ones will go on a journey of discovery through the City, the Park and the Wharf and they also get to learn about the Human Body.

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20210318 Technopolis Tik Tok 64

TikTok BOOM!

Are you on TikTok every day? Would you like to make videos that leave your followers open-mouthed and surprised? Then do as Céline and Michiel, Nour and Fatma, and Jamilla and Elodie Gabias and get creative during our TikTok Tour! That’s science and TikTok in one tour through Technopolis.

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Replacement experiments until mid June


The next phase of our renovation has begun at last! Step by step we are replacing experiments in our main exhibition with brand-new ones. Therefore, until mid-June, certain zones on the lower and ground floors will be closed off one by one.

We are doing our best to limit the disruption.

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Visit also our temporary outdoor exhibition

To visit Insectopia, you need a separate ticket or a combination ticket.

Insectopia vlinder square
All ages


Put on your walking shoes and step inside Insectopia, the only place on earth where insects are up to 5 metres in size.

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