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DM Van de Graaff O124 meisje op stoel 10 Q 600 x 399


Come to Technopolis with your class and experience science first hand.

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Secondary 1st level

Discover how we can make your students fall in love with science.

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Secondary 2nd & 3rd level

Everything you need to know about your perfect class trip is right here.

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2016 02 10 Technopolis Mechelen 03 Tentoonstelling 096

School rates

Find out what a class visit to Technopolis could cost.

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Have a safe class trip

The corona barometer now indicates code yellow. This means we continue to monitor the air quality and provide alcohol gels so that you can disinfect your hands regularly.

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20211206 PUUR 3
Replacement experiments until mid June


The next phase of our renovation has begun at last! Step by step we are replacing experiments in our main exhibition with brand-new ones. Therefore, until mid-June, certain zones on the lower and ground floors will be closed off one by one.

We are doing our best to limit the disruption.

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