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Discover your talents!
What do you want to be when you grow up? This is where you will find the perfect job for you! Discover all your talents, find out what you’re good at and figure out what profession you like best, all while having a great time.
3001 kijker4
3001 kijker4

Are you a natural?

Do you like spending time in nature? Find out whether you are a natural! Go on a virtual bird safari in the Zwin and rescue turtles, seals and bats in virtual reality. Treat us to your best imitations of animal sounds. Who knows, you may well be able to speak with owls or deer. The closest you can get to animals! Of course, nature is so much more than just animals. So, you’ll also get a chance to work with wood.

TF 2013 AO overzicht zone 005

Will you become a car designer?

Are you passionate about engines, do you have an eye for design and do you like to tinker with cars? Who knows, you may become a car designer! Recognise a streamlined design, test your reaction and braking times and try to avoid a crash. Finally, assemble your own race car and race it against other visitors. 3, 2, 1… GO!

TF 2013 nr PD naam JHA 6698

Will you become a private detective?

Do you like to stick your nose in other people’s business? In that case, become a private detective and find the culprit! Listen to sounds to detect the location of the culprit, analyse fingerprints, research which tools have been used and search for microspores on pieces of clothing.

TF 2013 01 KM presenteer het weer kubusbeeld q

Will you become a climate specialist?

Are you fascinated by the climate and sustainability? Become a weather presenter in front of our blue key screen! Learn the consequences of your daily habits on the climate and equip an entire city with the most sustainable energy sources!

TF 2013 nr MO naam JHA 7060

Will you become a fashion designer?

Is fashion your passion? Analyse clothing styles from the past and the present and from different cultures, create a 3D design of a 2D clothes pattern, choose the right fabric for the right occasion and design your own outfit!

TF 2013 nr PO naam JHA 6465

Will you become a theme park designer?

Are you a daredevil who likes to feel the adrenaline flow through your body and do you have sound technical insight and a lot of imagination? Then you may be the ideal theme park designer! Create a swirling ball track, determine which shape ensures the greatest speed and create a breathtaking rollercoaster. And … don’t forget to prove your bravery!

TF 2013 nr MB naam JHA 6532

Will you become a molecule designer?

Are you fascinated by engineering and chemistry and are you good at working with others? These are the main traits of a great molecule designer! Find out how well you perform in a team, whether you’re a multitasker, how fast you react and how good you are at planning.

TF 2013 nr SM naam 000 DSC8413 090

Will you become a candy maker?

Everybody knows how to eat candy! But what about creating and marketing candy? Develop your own sweet, choose the flavour and the right ingredients, create a tasteful packaging and discover whether you make a profit!

TF 2013 TT overzicht zone 009

Will you become a tiger dentist?

Are you committed to the welfare of animals, even they have razor-sharp teeth? Then why don’t you test your qualities as a tiger dentist? Proof us that you know a lot about animals. Indicate which animals eat which food, which teeth in our collection are from carnivores, herbivores or omnivores, and — this is the most fun! — which turd comes from which animal!

2016 02 10 Technopolis Mechelen 03 Tentoonstelling 079

Will you become your own boss or the big boss?

Are you are born to be an entrepreneur? Test whether you’re a real go-getter and whether you can make a profit after opening a new ice cream shop. Find out whether you’re a risk taker and a good planner.

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Don’t forget your RFID bracelet!

Did you know that a lot of our exhibits are equipped with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology? Pick a bracelet when you enter Technopolis, hold it against the scanner of the exhibit you want to try out, enter your data just once and you will receive the results of your experiments in your mail box!


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