Primary (2nd and 3rd level) & Secondary

Science & Stones

Science, just a stone’s throw away
Ultramodern eco-houses, skylines with only green roofs, cities that cool down in summer… They already exist in miniature.… that is how all BIG changes start. Brick by brick or in this case LEGO® brick by LEGO brick.

Are you a builder of the future too? Then make sure to visit our temporary Science & Stones exhibition.
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Building the future

Cities that are good for their residents, the economy and the planet are not utopia, but within reach. First see it and then believe it? Make sure to walk among Dirk Denoyelle’s impressive buildings and discover how you too can contribute to a sustainable future.

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Doing your bit

Discover tiny towns where green areas are as important as buildings and where you can cycle and walk without encountering any vehicles. You can also see how you can renovate your house in a way that is good for the environment and the climate. Does that give you any ideas?

Go nuts over these scientists

In Science & Stones, you will also find a series of scientists made from LEGO bricks. Dirk Denoyelle made beautiful mosaics of, for example, Pythagoras, Newton, Da Vinci, Marie Curie and the one and only Professor Gobelijn.

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The art of building

Forget-me-nots from hundreds of tiny figures, a mosaic of Greta Thunberg and Count of Rommelgem (the Goblin of Spirou), a climate-proof ecopolis in 3D… See how Dirk Denoyelle turns building into true art.

Experience it

Until the end of June 2022
All ages. Schools: recommended for primary (2nd and 3rd level) and secondary
Included in your day ticket for Technopolis

Dirk Denoyelle

The architect behind the Science & Stones exhibition is Dirk Denoyelle.

He first made a career as a comedian, but later found his true passion in tiny building blocks. He is the founder of Amazings and the author of the book Brilliant Bricks, which is full of facts and secrets about art and building with LEGO.


Now in our shop

Got the building bug? Did our exhibition awaken the artist in you?

Then don’t go home without the book Brilliant Bricks or a LEGO construction kit. You will find everything you need in our shop to make your own creative constructions and art works.

Will you help build the city of the future underneath our Tower?

Before you start, roll the dice. The dice determine which environmental or climate challenge you have to deal with.

All ages (without reservation)
20 active builders
During weekends and public holidays
30 minutes
STEK zone
Science and Stones LEGO 50

Construction finished?

We will click the construction on our wooden landscape, where there is room for 936 unique structures. When the city is complete, we will make a timelapse video of the growing city.

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Online contest

Build the city of the future with LEGO Studio 2.0

Are you an architect or an artist? Are you full of ideas for the future? And do you mentally sort bricks when you think of LEGO? Then take part in our online competition before the end of June and build a city of the future. Your tool: an infinite supply of bricks made of zeros and ones.

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