Discover our 12 rooms in 360°

With an extensive offering of 12 spaces where the sky is the limit regarding design options, Technopolis is known as a top-notch event venue.

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Einstein 360

Success formulas

A Sinterklaas party, a family day for all your employees or an exclusive evening opening? Get inspired by our success formulas or propose a formula yourself.

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What’s the topic of conversation at an event? Right: the food. That’s why we make sure the catering really meets your every single need!

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Online events 30

Live, hybrid or online?

Are you planning an event soon? Send out those invitations, because we guarantee that your event can go ahead. Even in these uncertain times, Technopolis has everything you need to make your event 100% corona-proof. We go for a live, hybrid or online solution. Including everything!

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Grab your chance from 1 to 16 September

Need more space? Then come to Technopolis! Certainly from 1 to 16 September 2022, when we close our doors to the general public. That is good news, because it means even more space for your event. Do you see it as big as we do?

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Immersieve digitale zone patio
Technopolis Ecsite 6

Facilities & Support

Need a parking attendant? Or someone with technical skills? Or are you looking for a sweet-voiced speaker to thrill your guests? At Technopolis, renting a room also means you can count on a lot of facilities and support.

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Opening hours business events

For business events we are happy to open our doors early and keep them open long after closing time. We organise events every single day of the year, except on Christmas and New Years Day.

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